6999 Atlas O Gauge Turntable

  • 6999
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  • O Gauge Scale
Atlas O Gauge Turntable
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Product Description

This is an Atlas 6999 O Scale 24 Motorized 3-Rail & 2-Rail Turntable Kit. It Features: New - larger and more powerful motor, New - flat cogged anti-slip belt, New - deck support with more roller bearings for greater support, of heavier locomotives, New - redesigned metal contacts to power the rotating track, Drive assembly is hidden under the utility shed, Table diameter: 24, Proven Geneva-gearing for positive indexing, Can be used for both 3 rail and 2 rail operation, Will run on AC or DC power, Compatible with TMCC and DCS (using TMCC or DCS accessory interface), Molded in appropriate colors, Complete hook-up instructions, Easy tabletop installation, Motor Drive included in box for smooth and easy operation.