ATD Models ATD004 Sheds Brown (3) Card Kit

Sheds Brown (3) Card Kit
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Product Description

Set of three 1:76 Scale Brown Sheds produced as a Highly Detailed Card kit. The completed model features lots of detail and can be easily customized to suit your scene during construction.

ATD models card kits are supplied printed full colour, pre cut and creased for ease and quality of build. Included with all kits are easy to follow instructions and printed glazing.


Potting Shed

  • W - 31mm / 1.22in
  • D - 22mm / 0.87in
  • H - 28mm / 1.10in


  • W - 36mm / 1.42in
  • D - 25mm / 0.98in
  • H - 28mm / 1.10in

Apex Shed

  • W - 25mm / 0.98in
  • D - 35mm / 1.38in
  • H - 30mm / 1.18in


This model requires gluing to complete, We recommend using the following glue to construct this model.

Deluxe Materials Roket Card Glue (50g)

Expo Tools Card Glue with Precision Nozzle (50g)