ATD Models ATD002 1950s Semi Detached House Card Kit

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Product Description

A detailed card kit based on a British 1950s Semi-Detached House.

This product includes two adjoining semi-detached houses along with two detached 50's-style garages. We have supplied several styles of door to choose from, helping to introduce variety into your scene.


  • W - 143mm / 5.63in
  • D - 102mm / 4.02in
  • H - 105mm / 4.13in


  • W - 61mm / 2.40in
  • D - 76mm / 2.99in
  • H - 34mm / 1.34in


This model requires gluing to complete, We recommend using the following glue to construct this model.

Deluxe Materials Roket Card Glue (50g)

Expo Tools Card Glue with Precision Nozzle (50g)