AMMO Mig MIG7805 Ammo Rust / Weathering Effects Paint Solution Complete Set

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Product Description

This versatile oxide set provides all the elements necessary to create every type of oxidation effect.

Contains the base colours, as well as the essential products used to accurately imitate surface rust, stains, textured rust, scratches, and rust streaks produced by running water and gravity. This kit is the ultimate solution for all skill levels and those looking for the best colours and products used to authentically reproduce rust effects of every type all in one box.

Colours included:

  • MIG040 Medium Rust
  • MIG041 Dark Rust
  • MIG042 Old Rust
  • MIG1002 Track Wash
  • MIG1004 Light Rust Wash
  • MIG1254 Streakingbrusher Rust
  • MIG3005 Mediun Rust Pigment
  • MIG3006 Light Rust Pigment
  • MIG3008 Track Rust Pigment
  • MIG3510 Oilbrusher Rust
  • MIG3512 Oilbrusher Dark Brown