DCC Concepts DCD-MLCB Alpha Mimic Digital Layout LED Lighting Control Set

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Product Description

This pack contains one Alpha Mimic control board & twelve 500mm plug & play LED connection leads.

As each of the 12 Mimic DCC Accessory lighting control outputs has two positions, you can easily configure each output for “On & Off” or for “Day & Night“ operations.

Each output can comfortably handle up to 3 DCCconcepts LEDs or Legacy Skyline Lighting lamps, with a total of 36 maximum for the board.

Simply connect Alpha Mimic to your DCC Power Bus!

Compatible with Legacy Skyline Lighting, DCCconcepts Building Lighting, DCCconceopts Ground Signals, DCCconcepts Mimic Panel LEDs and any other LED layout lighting (including Woodland Scenics).