AIP AIP10007 Thunderbirds The Mole Model Kit

  • AIP10007
  • AIP
  • 1:72 Scale
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Product Description

The Mole.

Approx Dimensions:

  • L:260mm
  • W:70mm
  • H:105mm

Able to bore through the hardest rock, the Mole is a manned 30 ton tunnelling machine, carried to the rescue site by a caterpillar tracked trolley and is normally transported to the danger zone in Thunderbird 2’s Pod 5. An inbuilt thermal imaging system contained within the Mole’s drill bit ensures that buried individuals are not endangered by rock falls caused by the drill’s movement. The Mole is one of the few pod vehicles to appear in numerous Thunderbirds episodes.

    • Gantry can be raised or lowered
    • Workable tracks
    • Mole unit can be detached from base
    • Multi-coloured parts
    • 6 sprues + additional parts
    • Includes decal sheets, illustrated instructions and AIP sticker
    • 1:72 scale plastic model kit from AIP, requires paint and glue