Accurascale ACC2591HBA-LH1 Set of 3 HBA MGR Hopper Wagons - Loadhaul - Pack 1

Set of 3 HBA MGR Hopper Wagons - Loadhaul - Pack 1
Set of 3 HBA MGR Hopper Wagons - Loadhaul - Pack 1
Set of 3 HBA MGR Hopper Wagons - Loadhaul - Pack 1
Set of 3 HBA MGR Hopper Wagons - Loadhaul - Pack 1
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Product Information

Product Description

MGR "Merry Go Round" Wagon Packs

HBA Hopper (Aero Canopy)

ex HDA Wagons


  • 1994-2010

Wagon numbers

  • 368111
  • 368117
  • 368389

Photographed model is a decorated sample, and may not be fully indicative of the final model.

Highly-detailed OO gauge model, 1:76.2 scale on 16.5mm track

  • Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)
  • Weight 40g minimum
  • Die-cast chassis for ideal weight
  • Detailed interior with rivets, framing, strapping and accurately profiled door 'horns'
  • RP25-110 profile OO gauge wheels with separate brake blocks in line with tread
  • Sprung metal buffers and dummy instanter couplings
  • Super fine plastic parts, incl. air pipes, lamp irons, safety catches, clasp and disc brakes, hopper door operating equipment, etc.
  • Etched metal details, incl. brake lever, chassis plates, etc.
  • Removable, Kinetic NEM coupler mounts at correct height with mini-tension-lock couplers provided with scale Instanters included

Numerous individual differences between wagon types

  • Three body styles: as built, rebodied and CDA
  • Two styles of hopper door: 'X' pattern on coal variants and 'straight beam' pattern on CDA
  • Original canopy and later 'aerodynamic' canopy styles where appropriate
  • Two style of door operating equipment covers, with some later styles featuring 'mix and match' versions!
  • Two styles of sprung buffer: Oleo (coal variants) and heavy duty (CDA)
  • Three different chassis frame variants for HAA, HDA and CDA versions
  • Multiple bufferbeam brake pipe configurations
  • Three different wheel variants: bolted disc brake, plain disc brake and standard (clasp brake)
  • HBA/HDA feature correct modifications to brake disc caliper operating equipment, additional larger air cylinder, empty/loaded changeover levers and above solebar mounted brake distributor
  • CDA correctly features large end air cylinder and above solebar mounted brake distributor, end ventilator boxes, highly detailed roof with textured canvas cover and chassis mounted operating handles