🤔 Your Guide to the Peco Unifrog Track Range

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Peco "Unifrog" is an expanding range of track pieces available across OO, N, HO and TT:120 scales - which is gradually replacing the legacy ranges of "insulfrog" and "electrofrog" products.

This range is gradually being updated over time, with older products being replaced by the new "Unifrog" variants. Check back often to see the latest track pieces available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Unifrog?

Unifrog is essentially an evolution and combination of the previous "Insulfrog" and "Electrofrog" formats. Each Unifrog point is supplied as "Insulfrog" as standard, with the option to wire them as "Electrofrogs" instead - providing you with the option to upgrade your layout in the future.

What is the difference between Insulfrog and Electrofrog?

The "frog" is the part of the point where the tracks diverge. Insulfrog points feature a long plastic isolated section here to stop a short circuit from occurring when a powered locomotive runs over the point and bridges the two tracks. Electrofrog points had a much smaller isolating section.

How do Unifrog points differ?

Unifrog points feature a much smaller isolating section, more akin to Electrofrog points. The difference here is that your wiring can be modified to suit either Insulfrog or Electrofrog formats - with the option to change this later should you wish, without having to remove the entire point.

Diagram Explainer

OO Gauge Unifrog Range

HO Gauge Unifrog Range

N Gauge Unifrog Range