'What If' OO Highland Railway 'Jones Goods'

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'What If' OO Highland Railway 'Jones Goods'

DCC Ready models can be pre ordered from Rails at £186.50 with DCC Sound at £271.95.

DCC Ready
DCC Sound

You can pre order today with Rails of Sheffield and if this model goes ahead this will be a confirmed pre order. If this doesn't go ahead we will contact customers that have ordered this with us.

Continuing the ‘What If’ theme – British Railways inherited 33 ex-Highland Railway locomotives but the ‘Big Goods’ were not among them (aside from preserved pioneer No. 103). The LMS withdrew the last, No. 17925, in February 1940. We wondered what it might have looked like had the LMS kept it going for a few more years and it had become a BR engine. As the ‘Big Goods’ worked passenger as well as goods trains, we thought it would have received lined rather than plain black.

View and pre order the whole range of Highland Railway 'Jones Goods' below:


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