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Revolution Trains are producing a newly tooled range of Class 66 locomotives in N gauge! Various decorated samples for the range have now been revealed, showcasing the quality livery application and impressive detailing expected from the final releases.

Revolution Trains has developed a brand-new tooling of the Class 66 with many different tooling variants to offer the most accurate Class 66 produced in N gauge. A huge range of models are expected during Q3 2024, including some models EXCLUSIVE to Rails of Sheffield!

The pre-order deadline is approaching imminently on March 31st, so advance preordering is highly recommended!

Please note - the images here show hand finished samples that may be tweaked prior to release.

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Product Features:

Next generation heavy, diecast chassis with smooth running, low friction and low geared design (weight 100g+)

Highly detailed injection moulded body with photo-etched and wire details and separate plastic parts

Lift off, easy-access central body section (as per the prototype!) to allow access to the decoder socket and switches

Prototype body detail variations e.g.bodyshells, bogies, underframes, headlights, handrails, cab windows, buffer, tie-down loops, lights, sandboxes and couplers

Etched nameplates supplied (where appropriate)

Buffer beam detailing: one end super-detailed with solid air dam, air pipes and cosmetic coupler all fitted. Alternative solid air dam supplied for coupler end, and open air dam for those wishing to couple both ends

Working accurate headlights including working marker lights. Lights switchable using easy to access mircroswitches or with DCC

Next 28 (ESU E24) decoder socket (see our Class 59 article for more details) and factory fitted speaker for easy sound fitting

Fine wheels to NMRA RP25 standards

Body-mounted, kinematic close couplers with NEM coupler sockets

Prototype Information

The Class 66 is a six-axle diesel-electric freight locomotive, somewhat based on the earlier Class 59 locomotives. The class has proved to be highly successful with a total production run of 480 in the UK (with additional locos imported from overseas following this) and alternative versions of the loco being marketed to Europe as the EMD Class 66.

Image via Clagmaster

Upon privatisation, a number of newly-privatised rail freight companies; Transrail, Mainline, Loadhaul, Railfreight Distribution, and RES were bought out and became EWS. EWS inherited a fleet of 1,600 mostly diesel locomotives, including many Class 47s which had to be overhauled every 7 years at a cost of £400,000. In an effort to reduce their operating costs, EWS approached Electro-Motive Diesel to build new locomotives based on the Class 59 bodyshell but with a different engine and traction motors to enable higher speed running - leading to the commissioning of the Class 66. 

EWS ordered 250 Class 66 locos, in what was termed "the biggest British loco order since steam days". Further orders were placed by Freightliner, GB Railfreight, and Direct Rail Services in later years. 66779 was the last Class 66 to be built as the design could no longer meet the stringent stage 3b emissions regulations. The locomotives have proved to be extremely reliable and adaptable, being used for across a huge spectrum of UK freight operations.

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