Rapido O Gauge Class J70 Tram Engine

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Rapido O Gauge Class J70 Tram Engine

Rapido are planning to offer eight of the J70 Tram Engines in O Gauge for the first time both in DCC Ready and DCC Sound.

These models are purely at the expression of interest (EOI) stage due this being Rapido's first foray into O Gauge. RRP is planned to £375.95 (our price £319.55) for the DCC Ready models with £475.95 (our price £404.55) for the DCC sound.

You can pre order today with Rails of Sheffield and if this model goes ahead this will be a confirmed pre order. If this doesn't go ahead we will contact customers that have ordered this with us.

916001 Class J70 68222 BR cycling lion (with side skirts and cowcatchers)
916002 Class J70 68217 British Railways lettering (with side skirts and cowcatchers)
916003 Class J70 7137 LNER unlined black (with side skirts and cowcatchers)
916004 Class J70 127 GER blue/coach brown (with side skirts and cowcatchers)
916005 Class J70 68219 BR cycling lion (without skirts and cowcatchers)
916006 Class J70 68226 British Railways lettering(without skirts and cowcatchers)
916007 Class J70 7126 LNER lined black(without skirts and cowcatchers)
916008 Class J70 136 GER blue/coach brown (without skirts and cowcatchers)


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