Rapido Announce 'Caledonia' 0-4-0 Fireless

Posted by Warren Bennett on

As expected Rapido Trains UK have opened up the order book on the new OO Gauge Andrew Barclay 'Caledonia' 0-4-0 Fireless locomotives.

Rapido love steam locomotives and are now bringing the first ever ready-to-run OO Gauge British Fireless locomotive!

Rapido wanted to represent locos from the 1920s right through to the present day, so they have given a choice of a variety of liveries covering the loco's lengthy history, including two generic variants which represent a typical early and late style ‘Caledonia’ ideal for any industrial layout! They've even included a very long-lived loco (Croda Chemical Works) believed to be one of the last working Fireless locomotives in the UK, and potentially the last steam locomotive in regular industrial use across the nation. Perfect to run alongside more modern traction.

These quirky little engines had so many tweaks and subtle changes added over the years that Rapido simply couldn’t cover them all, but they've added a selection of interesting polybag parts such as oil and electric lamps, cab side windows, low doors, shutters and full cab doors. That way you can personalise them to your heart's content!

10 colourful versions announced, all available either DCC Ready or DCC Sound Fitted. Sound models will be equipped with an ESU LokSound 5 NANO decoder (using an E24 interface) whilst DCC Ready models will have factory-fitted speakers as standard to aid easy upgrading.

Prices as follows (you can pre order these from Rails with FREE UK POSTAGE)
DCC Ready - £118.95 (RRP £139.95)
DCC Sound - £212.45 (RRP £249.95)

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