😮 Hattons becomes part of the Rails family!

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We are pleased to announce that we have now brought “Hattons Model Railways” into the Rails family!

It was a shock to the modelling world earlier this year, when stalwart of the industry, Hattons, announced that it was to close.

At Rails, we could not allow the legacy of this esteemed brand to disappear and we have sought a way to keep the spirit of Hattons alive.

Many customers reached out to us, dismayed, that the valuable resources on the Hattons website such as the product database and expansive “Directory” system may be lost forever. Rails will soon relaunch these services and will continue to update them with new information.

While the original Hattons store and business will remain closed, this iconic brand will live on.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens next?

  • The Hattons website/ directory will relaunch soon. We will continue to update this with new information. You can use this incredible resource to learn about the history of thousands of models and the vehicles which inspired them. 
  • You will soon also be able to find links to purchase items via Rails of Sheffield.
  • Please stay tuned for further updates regarding the Hattons brand.

Will you reopen the Hattons store or warehouse?

The physical Hattons store and warehouse will remain closed.

Can I return my previous Hattons purchases to Rails?

No. Rails have purchased the Hattons brand, not the business. Returns should be sent to the original manufacturer.

Will I be able to contact Hattons directly?

No, Hattons is now closed.

Will I be able to purchase items at hattons.co.uk?

You will still be able to browse items on the Hattons website but we will provide links to order them at Rails of Sheffield where available.

Will my order history/ customer account transfer to Rails?

No, we recommend you make a new account at railsofsheffield.com.


Stay tuned for more...

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