Prodigy Express WiFi Digital Control System

Posted by Warren Bennett on

Gaugemaster Prodigy Express WiFi Digital Control System due back in stock over the next few days.

Order today for £279.95 (RRP £350.00)


For a newcomer to DCC or for the operation of a smaller layout, this system is a great choice. Comprising of a Base Station, Walkaround, and Power Supply, this system is packed with features but is above all, incredibly easy to use and allows you to run your railway without fuss. With 1.6 amps, there is enough power to keep things interesting but its best feature is its sheer ease of use. Some other budget systems have the control on the console, but with this system the lightweight and comfortable Walkaround allows you extra mobility.

So how could we make this product EVEN better? By adding WiFi capability so you can use your phone or tablet as an additional handset and/or to operate your accessories!

This system offers exceptional value for the price and is an ideal entry point into DCC with all the advantages WiFi has to offer too.

Stuck where to put your DCC Controller? you can now attach it to your layout using the DCC66 Prodigy Controller Caddy. This unit has been designed to screw directly to your baseboard and will fit most DCC Controllers and even mobile phones.

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