🚂 Peco OO9 Ffestiniog 'Englands' In Stock Now

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Peco's new batch of OO9 narrow gauge Ffestiniog Railway Small & Large England 0-4-0TT steam locomotives, produced by Kato Japan, have now arrived in stock!

Four variations are available, covering both Small & Large England body styles with accurate detailing variations. FR maroon examples are available once again as well as some new FR purple brown and SR green variations.

Batch 2 - In Stock Now

Batch 1 - In Stock Now

Product Features:

Highly detailed model with separately fitted parts including handrails & pipework

Intricately applied liveries

Coreless motor with 4-wheel drive & pickups

Equipped with traction tyres

DC / Analogue only but can be modified for DCC fitting by the end user (service not provided by Rails).

Equipped with KATO Arnold coupler, and supplementary PECO coupler

Prototype Information

A total of six 0-4-0TT steam locomotives were produced by George England and Co between 1863 and 1867 for the Ffestiniog Railway. Two designs were created, four of which were "Small Englands" which featured side tanks and two were "Large Englands" which instead had saddle tanks.

Image by Peter Trimming

The locomotives are designated "0-4-0TT" due to them having both tanks and a tender, with water carried in the tanks and coal in the tender. The locomotives had a low centre of gravity and are extremely small, to help fit in the restricted loading gauge of the line.

(Information provided via Wikipedia)

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