Parkside Models 10ft Tank Wagon Kits

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New OO Parkside Models 10ft Tank Wagon Kits

Milk Tank - £14.95 VIEW HERE

Oil Tank - £14.95 VIEW HERE

The images shown are of each kit built, painted and decorated!

Two new kits have now been added to the Parkside Models kit range - the 10ft 4-wheel tank wagon. These kits have been transferred over to Parkside from the PECO "Wonderful Wagons" range, a long-standing favourite kit of modellers for many years. Back then these kits were pre-coloured and decorated, but we have overhauled the kits, added an NEM pocket (so modellers can easily fit a coupler of their choice - although the kit is supplied with a set of tension-lock couplers) and now supply the kits with either a set of milk company decals or oil company decals. The decals provide a whole lot more detail than previously applied to the original pre-decorated kits.

The former PECO "Wonderful Wagon" kits were ahead of their time when they were released and the tank wagons were the only complete kits left in the range. We just had to keep them going so it makes sense to place them under the Parkside heading. The working underframe suspension is well ahead of any ready-to-run models available on the market!

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