O Gauge Deltic Samples

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Heljan O Gauge Class 55 Deltic factory decorated samples! Delivery is expected in Q3/Q4 2023. Check out further images in this post.


Versions as below:

Class 55 BR Blue 55007 Pinza (plated headcodes)

Class 55 BR Blue Unnumbered (domino headcodes)

Class 55 BR ‘Finsbury Park Blue’ 55015 Tulyar (plated headcodes)

Class 55 BR ‘Finsbury Park Blue’ unnumbered (plated headcodes)

Class 55 BR two-tone Green 55002 The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (full yellow ends)

Class 55 BR Railtour Blue 55022/D9000 Royal Scots Grey (domino headcodes)

Class 55 BR Blue 55011 The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers WEATHERED

Class 55 BR Green D9000 Royal Scots Grey (small yellow panels/HI headlights)

Class 55 BR Blue 55019 Royal Highland Fusiliers (plated headcodes/headlights)

Class 55 BR ‘Finsbury Park Blue’ Unnumbered (plated headcodes/HI headlights)

More than 40 years since they were retired by BR, the magnificent Deltics still have the power and the presence to inspire legions of passionate fans. You'll soon be able to re-create that feeling on your O gauge layout with our outstanding new Class 55s which depict the final years of the class and preserved main line machines.
No fewer than 10 liveries will be available covering standard BR blue machines, Finsbury Park's famous 'racehorses' with white cab windows, retro BR green D9000 and 55002 'KOYLI' and 'railtour specials'.

Heljan are going all out with these models. They've redesigned the model from the ground up, reshaped and improved the body, added new details and upgraded the chassis to our latest 'plug and play' DCC specification. New interior details and switchable lighting features are also part of the upgrade. Standard equipment now includes...
  • Heavy duty twin motor/flywheel drive
  • Plug and Play XL DCC interface
  • Provision for 2x large speakers
  • Switchable headcode, HI headlight, cab and tail lights
  • Provision for DCC controlled smoke unit
  • Period specific details according to loco and livery
  • Choice of BR 1976-82 or post-preservation main line locos
  • Finely detailed grilles, bogies and fuel tanks
  • Glazed or plated headcode panels
  • Cast or fabricated bogies


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