• NEW SAMPLES• SECR Maunsell D1 Class 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive

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SECR Maunsell D1 Class
4-4-0 Steam Locomotive

We are pleased to show off new samples for our SECR Maunsell D1 Class 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive in OO Gauge. 

Produced by Dapol made exclusively for Rails of Sheffield we hope you are very happy with these new images of the first ready to run locomotive of the D1 Class.

Current estimations have release down as Q4 2022. These new samples are also available to view on our website now.

The D1 Class locomotive follows on from the hugely popular D Class range which is completely sold out.

So far the D1 Class has sold at a similar rate, with the model proving to very popular also, with some versions already well over 50% sold.

The model will be available in six liveries:

• SECR Maunsell D1 Class SECR Grey 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.735
• SECR Maunsell D1 Class Southern SR Olive Green 4-4-0 Loco No.1749
• SECR Maunsell D1 Class Southern SR Olive Green 4-4-0 Loco No.1741
• SECR Maunsell D1 Class BR Black (Early Crest) 4-4-0 Locomotive No.31741
• SECR Maunsell D1 Class BR Black (Late Crest) 4-4-0 Locomotive No.31246
• SECR Maunsell D1 Class BR Black (Sunshine Lettering) 4-4-0 Loco No.31487

They are available to pre-order both DCC ready and DCC sound fitted.

£199.95 DCC Ready
£324.95 DCC Sound Fitted

All versions are available to pre-order now with just a £30 deposit.


Brief History:

After 1901 the D class locomotive fast became the mainline locomotive of choice on the south coast, (making the SE&CR’s first mainline express formation) further (for the time) powerful locomotives were investigated by the companies. After Richard Maunsell took the reigns from Harry Wainwright in 1913 he worked on a series of new locomotives which were intended for a long service life, this involved the conversion and upgrade of 11 E class locomotives, resulting in the E1 class. This proved very successful and led directly to the conversion of 21 D class into the D1 class between 1921 and 1927. Though arguably, not as elegant as the D class equipped with a larger boiler, a belpaire firebox and longer travel cylinders the D1 was able to produce a considerable haulage and power increase over its predecessors.

Initially allocated to Ashford shed, this class was to be found all over the south-eastern division from London to the south.

Withdrawn in November 1961, no preserved examples exist.

Model Specification:

Technical Specification
• Diecast Chassis
• Low centre of gravity located between the driving wheels
• NEM couplings with removable coupling pocket
• Sprung buffers
• R2 (438mm/17.2”) minimum radius
• Pickup from tender and driving wheels
• Powerful 5 pole motor located within boiler
• Pull-out PCB for tool free DCC & Speaker fitting.
• ‘Snap-fit’ conductive tender drawbar
• Options for bass reflex speaker in tender (pre-wired)
• Firebox glow
• Profiled wheels
• Detailed motion
• Removable coal load with internal tender profiling
• Fully detailed back-head and cab interior.
• Back by Dapol’s comprehensive warranty and service

Variations (dependent on model represented)

• Two frame variations (to include early D class conversions)
• Two cab types
• Two Chimney types
• Two Smokebox types
• Three dome types (with/without top feed and plated)
• Two safety valve types (Ross-pop and Ramsbottom)
• With and without snifter valves
• ‘High capacity’ tenders
• Manual and automatic lubricators
• Additional minor detail variations

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