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A new Peco wagon announced as part of the N Gauge range with the BR Iron Ore Tippler Fitted Bauxite, stock expected soon, order below for £15.95.


Recently Peco announce a pair of new N Gauge wagons, which are now in stock! Order for £15.95 each.

BR Iron Ore Tippler, Civil Engineers "Dutch" livery

BR 16t Mineral Wagon, COAL, Unfitted, Grey

From our new tooling we now offer these two livery variants. For the 16 ton mineral wagon here is the basic unfitted cola wagon, so typical and common a sight on Britain's railways during the 1950s to 1980s. Now all gone with the demise of the coal industry. There would be rakes and rakes of these wagons trailing behind a locomotive throughout the UK, but most likely more so around the coalfields.

The other wagon is one that sits firmly in the 1980s to 1990s period, when the BR Civil Engineering department adopted a grey/yellow livery scheme often referred to as "Dutch". By this time iron ore wagons were being used to to move spoil and spent ballast, and it is in this condition that our model represents.

Both models feature metal-tyred wheels, detachable couplers from an NEM-style pocket, and detailed moulding features and printing for authenticity. Both will be popular and likely sell by volumes as one wagon will never be enough!

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