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A number of new Dapol N Gauge releases arrived just before Christmas, check them all out below:

Dapol N Gauge range of Class 7MT Britannia 4-6-2 steam locomotives IN STOCK NOW!
The received models also includes the East Anglian Set (which includes four Gresley Crimson & Cream coaches)


Models arriving:

Class 7MT Britannia 4-6-2 70000 BR Unlined Black Early Crest

Class 7MT Britannia 4-6-2 Firth of Forth 70051 BR Lined Green Late Crest

Class 7MT Britannia 4-6-2 Owen Glendower 70010 BR Unlined Green Late Crest

Class 7MT Britannia 4-6-2 East Anglian Set 70039 BR Green Early Crest 4 Gresley Crimson & Cream Coaches

Even more arriving in N Gauge with the Dapol A4s now in stock. Union of South Africa 60009 BR Green Early Crest is now available, this and the other models in this range can be found below


Last of the new releases arriving just before Christmas, also in N Gauge were the BR Carmine & Cream coaches. With LNER Teak & BR Maroon versions coming at a later date.
Six versions in stock now at £29.74 each



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