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We've listed a number of KR Models' forthcoming new OO gauge projects for preorder - including the newly tooled ranges of Mica B Vans, Class 40 diesels and WD Austerity locomotives. KR have also advised us that their 4-DD multiple units and SR "Leader" steam locomotives are expected in the near future. 

All of these are available to pre-order right now! We highly recommend preordering early to ensure we can fulfil your models.

OO Gauge "Mica B" Vans

This historic refrigerated meat van was a true game-changer in the early 1900s, with a cutting-edge carbonic acid machine that kept perishable goods fresh and delicious during long hauls. KR are reproducing this important vehicle in a selection of liveries - available as singles or 3-packs. Expected Late 2024.

Single: £30 each / 3-Pack: £75

OO Gauge Class 40

KR Models are producing a newly tooled range of Class 40 diesel locomotives. This expansive range covers much of the history of this popular class, as well as some fictional "what if" later era liveries including Regional Railways and EWS. Due date TBC. 

Digital Ready: £210 / Digital Sound: £310

OO Gauge WD Austerity 2-10-0

The KR Models "Dub Dee" will recreate this steam legend in a range of wartime, British Railways and preservation era liveries. Expected Q4 2025, each one is available with or without digital sound. You can even opt for smoke fitted models! 

Digital Ready: £240 / Digital Sound: £340 / Digital Sound & Smoke: £370

OO Gauge 4DD Double Decker EMU

Bring this experimental multiple unit home to your collection! Two "4DD" units were built to attempt to ease overcrowding in the Southern region, with this design lasting 22 years in service. The range covers both BR green and BR blue liveries and all models can be pre-fitted with a decoder or digital sound. Expected Q2/ Q3 2024. 

Digital Ready: £375 / Digital Fitted: £405 / Digital Sound: £475

OO Gauge SR Bulleid "The Leader"

The Leader was a class of experimental 0-6-6-0 articulated steam locomotive, 5 were planned but only one was completed and was produced in The United Kingdom. It looked like a ‘new’ generation of diesel but was actually a steam-powered loco. KR's range features prototype grey, BR black, BR green and BR blue liveries. Expected Q2/ Q3 2024. 

Digital Ready: £185 / Digital Fitted: £215 / Digital Sound: £285

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