🚄 New Hornby OO Class 802 GWR Train Packs In Stock

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As part of their range of OO gauge 'Intercity Express Trains', Hornby now produce a model of the Class 802/1 bi-modal unit! A new 5-car train pack in GWR green has now arrived in stock, alongside a supplementary 4-car add-on pack to turn your unit into a 9-coach train.

These packs are perfect for recreating modern Great Western Railway express passenger workings out of London Paddington to the South West.

In Stock Now

Product Features

Highly detailed model with separately fitted parts including wipers, gangway detail, roof mounted electrical components and more

Digital capability - 21-pin socket

Independent directional lights

Powerful 5 pole motor with all-wheel drive and pickups on single power car

Removable nose cone

Poseable pantograph

Prototype Information

The British Rail Class 802 is a type of high-speed bi-mode multiple-unit passenger train designed and produced by the Japanese manufacturer Hitachi Rail. It has been operated by Great Western Railway, TransPennine Express, and Hull Trains; each of these train operating companies has given its own units a unique brand: Great Western Railway's units are branded Intercity Express Trains (IETs), TransPennine Express units are branded Nova 1s and Hull Trains' units are branded Paragons.

Image by Superalbs

The Class 802 is based on the design of the Hitachi A-train, being a member of the Hitachi AT300 product family. It is broadly similar to the preceding Class 800, the primary difference between the two being the installation of more powerful diesel engines and enlarged fuel tanks on the Class 802 to mitigate for their intended use on lengthier unelectrified stretches of railway.

(Information provided via Wikipedia)

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