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Class 37
Class 37
Class 37
Class 37
Class 37
Class 37
Class 37
Class 37
class 37

Heljan's latest batch of O gauge Class 37 locomotives have now arrived in stock! Nine variations are included in this batch, complete with an updated bodyshell tooling focusing on the original 118 locomotives built with split head code panels and post-1970s cutaway buffer beam cowlings.

Livery options include BR green, BR blue, Railfreight, Civil Engineers 'Dutch', EWS and Direct Rail Services as well as a special BR blue with white stripe version, releasing as part of the Gaugemaster Collection.

As with Heljan's previous Class 37 models, these aren't likely to hang around for long so we recommend ordering your locomotives to avoid disappointment.

In Stock Now

Product Features

Highly detailed models with separately fitted parts including handrails, pipework, chains, aerials, etched grilles and much more

Many accurate tooling variations including cast/ fabricated bogies, nose end arrangements, boiler & roof details, all appropriate to era and livery

Plug & play ESU XL decoder interface with provision for an 'Earth Mover' speaker

Dual 5-pole motors with flywheels powering each bogie, with all wheel pickups

Seven separately switchable lighting functions, including directional lights, cab lights and illuminated fault lights in cab

Provision for a smoke unit

Sprung metal couplings and buffers

Customer Notice

The Heljan Class 37 is supplied on a wooden plinth to ensure it arrives in the best possible condition. However due to the arrangement of the underframe tanks and bogies, this is only possible by shipping with the fuel/water tanks detached. This can be detached once the plinth has been removed by using tank and screws supplied in one of the accessory bags provided.

Prototype Information

The Class 37 (aka English Electric Type 3) were produced as part of British Rail’s modernisation plan. They became a very familiar sight across the network, in particular forming the main motive power for InterCity services in East Anglia and Scotland and performed well on other secondary routes and regional services for many years. Despite being over 50 years old, the class are still in use to this day - with over 60 in active use on passenger, freight and departmental duties as well as 30 preserved examples.

(Information provided via Wikipedia)

Class 37
Image by Clagmaster

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