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Dapol produce a range of Class 43 HST packs in N Gauge, catering for what is possibly the most iconic diesel powered train of all time in a huge variety of liveries.

The tooling also caters for some of the differences between locomotives such as those with buffers fitted, different roof configs and headlights.

We currently have a wide selection of models in stock, with recent releases covering some interesting post-privatisation colour schemes - Midland Mainline, Grand Central, Virgin Trains, GWR and Cross Country.

Due to follow on very soon as part of the Gaugemaster Collection are some new Cross Country/ Intercity 125 heritage, Network Rail and Rail Adventure liveried packs.

Last but not least an epic 11 car pack recreating the entire Blue Pullman set, as repainted in the 2020s, is expected in the coming weeks too!

In Stock Now

General Release

Gaugemaster Collection

Due Summer 2024

Additional Coaches

We also stock a wide variety of additional Mark 3 HST coaches to extend your train to a realistic length!

Product Features

Highly detailed models with accurate toolings for different power car variations and Mk3 coach types

Available as Book sets with power cars and Mk3 coaches or as power car dual packs

Digital & Sound capability - NEXT-18 pin socket

5-pole 'super creep' motor with flywheel, all-wheel pickups and drive (in single power car, other car is a dummy unit)

Working directional lighting (Coaches are also light bar ready)

Accessory bag included with optional parts

Standard NEM N Gauge Couplings

Prototype Information

HST in real life
Image by Steve Jones

The British Rail Class 43 (HST) is the TOPS classification used for Intercity 125 High Speed Train power cars, built by British Rail for use on express passenger services. The Class 43 is officially the world's fastest diesel locomotive, with an absolute maximum top speed of 148mph, and a regular service speed of 125mph. The class are widely regarded as one of the most iconic and influential locomotive designs and were a tremendous success for British Rail.

The class were paired with specfically designed Mk3 coaching stock and initially saw use on both the Western and Eastern regions of BR. Over time, they saw use across the network and thanks to their vastly improved speed and acceleration/ deceleration times, they helped to slash journey times. 

The HSTs continued strongly into the 21st century and although they have now been removed from their original 'stomping grounds', they still perform a variety of services with an array of operators into the 2020s. Many sets have now been stored, but there have been expressions of interest for their use on other passenger workings or even as part of new freight operations.

(Information provided via Wikipedia) 

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