New Class 68 Decorated Samples

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OO Gauge Class 68 Decorated Samples

Dapol has received four new Class 68 decorated samples. two of these samples are of brand new liveries and we are very pleased to be able to share images of them with you. Please note all images are shown for illustration only and are subject to change where necessary. 


The Class 68 was developed by DRS to provide a high speed freight and passenger solution to today’s demand for low emissions and efficient transportation. The locomotive offers excellent fuel economy, low emissions. The locomotive has also the necessary electrical installation to provide heating and lighting on passenger services. These locomotives are now popular performers throughout much of the UK rail network.



  • Finely moulded body with many separately added fine details 
  • Printed name plates & Etched plates supplied separately 
  • Cast wheels with fine relief and appropriate colouring 
  • Heavy Diecast chassis and all wheel pick up 
  • NEM pockets as standard 
  • Independently controllable and switchable directional lighting

Expected release is early 2024.

All versions can be pre-ordered at Rails today

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