N Gauge New Look Buses

Posted by Warren Bennett on

The N Gauge New Look Buses have arrived at Rapido Trains!

These buses will be on the way to Rails soon from overseas and can be pre ordered below for £28.95 each!


These highly detailed N Gauge include the below:
• The exact New Look shape – including the unique tubular profile – traced from a 3D-scan of a real TTC New Look Bus
• Full underbody detail including fuel tank, cabling, engine detail, etc.
• Early (5303) rear engine door style
• Left-side emergency exit door
• Full interior including drivers controls, passenger seats and grooved flooring.
• Super-detailed wheels with REAL rubber tires
• Separately applied mirrors
• Three front bumper styles − steel, water and rubber (installed as appropriate)
• Rear Air Conditioner Unit (installed as appropriate)
• WORKING headlights and taillights, powered by a 9-12V DC power supply (not included)

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