N Gauge 2-6-2 Large Prairie

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Sonic Models, working with Rails of Sheffield, have today unveiled its next 2mm N gauge locomotive: the GWR 5101 / 61xx Large Prairie 2-6-2 Tank Locomotive.

Watch the launch video here:

The 5101 Class named Large Prairie's were used for both Great Western suburban and local passenger services. The class was an updated version, by Collett, of Churchward's 1903 3100/5100 Class.

When updated the original 40 locomotives of the 3100 class were renumbered 5100 and 5111 to 5149 in 1927. The first batches of 5101s filled in the numbers 5101 to 5110 and extended the class from 5150 to 5189.

The Sonic model will be offered in both Great Western and British Railways liveries and all feature a similar drive to Sonic’s popular GWR 56xx and forthcoming Class J50 as well as a detailed backhead in the cab and 6-pin DCC socket arranged such that a 90° decoder will ensure that the chip is largely hidden in normal use.

The full specification include:

• 51xx/61xx detailed prototype body
• Livery options for GWR and BR designs
• Die-cast chassis block
• Coreless 12v motor
• 6 pin DCC socket for 90° RA decoders
• Phosphor Bronze driving wheel bearings
• All wheel pick up
• See through spoked wheels
• Finescale coupling and connecting rods
• NEM mounted N Gauge couplings
• Buffer beam detailing parts


Livery variations include GWR Green with both “Great Western” lettering and crests. The BR versions include Green and Black early crest and late crest models both lined and unlined.

The EP1 sample has been reviewed by Sonic Models and the decorated samples are expected Summer 2022. The models are currently on track for delivery late 2022 / early 2023.

These models are being manufactured in China by Sonic Models and Rails of Sheffield have been appointed the exclusive retailer.

The models are priced at £129.95 and all version are available to pre-order now with just a £30 deposit. As always pre-ordering is highly recommended to secure yours.


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