LNER 'O2' 2-8-0 Tango Update

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Heljan have released LNER 'O2' 2-8-0 Tango Artwork! Pre order today, prices start at £169.15.


The extensive range of OO Gauge locomotives have been due a update for some time but development has been delayed due to disruptions caused by the pandemic and a changeover in warehouse.

Thirteen versions expected to be released later this year featuring Great Northern Railway, LNER and BR liveries.

Most will have the new GNR cabs (original and low height versions) and GNR tender, but these are just a couple of the numerous detail variations that have been designed into this complex tooling. Other new and existing detail differences include:
- Low running plate
- 2x different chimneys
- Original Diagram 2 or LNER Diagram 100A boiler
- 2x smokebox door designs
- GNR or LNER flush sided/flared side tenders
- Right hand or Left Hand drive
Versions listed below:
3900: LNER lined black O2/2 No. 3501 (GN cab/tender)
3901: BR late crest black O2/2 No. 63937 (GN cab/LNER flush tender) WEATHERED
3902: BR early emblem black O2/2 No. 63933 (GN cab/tender)
3903: BR late crest black O2/2 No. 63940 (GN cab/tender)
3904 BRITISH RAILWAYS black O2/2 No. 63938 (GN cab/tender)
3930: GNR lined grey O2/1 No. 477 (GN high cab/tender)
3931: LNER black O2/1 No. 3481 (GN high cab/tender)
3932: LNER post-war black O2/1 No. 3481 (LNER cab/GN tender)
3934: BR late crest black O2/1 No. 63923 (LNER cab/LNER stepped side tender)
3940: LNER wartime black O2/4 No. 3479 (LNER cab/GN tender)
3941: BR early emblem black O2/4 No. 63924 (LNER cab/GN tender) WEATHERED
3942: BR early emblem black O2/4 No. 63945 (LNER cab/GN tender)
3943: BR late crest black O2/4 No. 63932 (LNER cab/GN tender)

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