Lionheart Trains Class 45xx 'Small Prairie' Arrives!

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NEW Lionheart Trains O Gauge
45xx 'Small Prairie' 2-6-2T
Arrive Into Stock


Announced back in 2017 the Lionheart Trains O Gauge
45xx 'Small Prairie' 2-6-2T have sure been a long time coming! We are confident you will agree that these have been worth the wait.

Nine versions have been received all DCC Ready, with DCC Sound models to follow in the near future! Prices below:
DCC Ready £435.48 (RRP £512.33)
DCC Sound £571.84 (RRP £672.76)

The Small Prairie, or 45xx class as it is classified, was designed in 1906 by George Churchward for mixed traffic use on the busy Great Western branchlines. 75 of these locomotives were built between 1906 and 1924, 20 were built at Wolverhampton and 55 were built at Swindon. These locomotives lasted into the early days of BR with the last ones beig withdrawn from service in 1964. THere are only a small handful left in preservation.

These stunning replicas feature lots of internal and external details which make them a must have on any Great Western or BR model railway.


  • Die cast metal chassis and cylinders with working vacuum pump
  • Die cast wheels with steel tyres
  • Brake shoes in ABS plastic
  • Two styles of sand boxes in ABS
  • 5 pole skew wound precision motor
  • Helical gearbox
  • Sprung driving wheel and pony trucks
  • Front and rear pony wheel trucks to operate on a cam system to allow the model to traverse R2 (40.5” radius) curves
  • Die cast pivoted coupling and connecting rods, plated then blackened
  • The footplate valance to include the packing piece for the extended version.
  • Two versions of smokebox door (one with fixings for B.R. number plate)
  • Easily removable cab roof (for adding a crew) by means of small magnets
  • Chimney, short and tall safety valve casings and whistles to be turned metal parts
  • Working cab doors in ABS
  • Wire handrails with stanchions in metal
  • Sprung metal buffers and screw link couplings
  • Full back head detail with reversing lever in ABS
  • Coal load in bunker
  • Flickering firebox glow

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