Heljan OO Gauge Class 47 Artwork

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Heljan recently released Artwork pictures for the OO Scale Gresley O2/1 and O2/2 Locomotives a further recent update has now provided images for the OO Gauge Class 47 range! All images can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Pre order these models for £186.95 DCC Ready and £313.65 for DCC Sound


4710 Class 47 D1526 BR two-tone green (small yellow panel)

4711 Class 47 D1969 BR two-tone green (full yellow end)

4712 Class 47 137 BR Blue (glazed headcode panel)

4720 Class 47 316 BR Blue (plated headcode panels)

4721 Class 47 450 BR Blue Large Logo

4722 Class 47 214 'Tinsley Traction Depot' Railfreight Grey

4723 Class 47 125 'Tonnidae' Railfreight Petroleum

4724 Class 47 555 'The Commonwealth Spirit' InterCity Executive

4725 Class 47 329 Departmental General Grey

4726 Class 47 575 'City of Hereford' Parcels Red/Grey


This model is being produced with the following features:

  • Fully revised and updated model
  • Five boiler roof panel variants
  • Numerous cab front variations
  • Three underframe tank designs
  • Original or Serck radiator shutters
  • Original or revised bufferbeam design
  • Authentic lighting functions
  • Sprung buffers
  • DCC ESU Sound Fitted where appropriate


The Class 47 is one of the most mass produced locomotives of the BR Fleet. These locomotives were designed and built between 1962 and 1968 by Brush Traction and British Rail Crewe Works. They were used all over the western region hauling passenger services and can still be seen running up and down the country with special services.






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