Heljan O Gauge Class 55 Deltic

Posted by Warren Bennett on

Heljan have provided artwork images for the range of all new O Gauge Class 55 Deltic locomotives.
With factory decorated samples currently being prepared we are sure this will whet your appetite.
Ten models due in this range, pre orders prices starting at £594.15 with FREE UK POSTAGE!

Pre order HERE

With a reshaped body, engine room interior detail, redesigned chassis, advanced lighting features, plug-and-play DCC capability, twin 5-pole motors with flywheels and a host of other features these late-period Deltics are significant step forward from our previous model. Two variants cover the final years of BR service (mid-1970s to 1982) and post-preservation era (late-1990s onwards), the latter featuring high-intensity headlights.
Expect further news soon, models expected 2023.

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