🚞 Heljan O gauge BR Mark 1 BGs & GUVs Expected Soon

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Mk1 vans

Heljan have advised that their new batches of O gauge BR Mark 1 Brake Gangway (BG) coaches and General Utility Vans (GUVs) are expected to arrive with UK stockists soon! These new runs feature liveries that have never been produced before as well as the return of some old favourites.

Pre-Order Now - BGs

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Product Features

Highly detailed models with separately fitted parts including handrails, handles, full underframe relief and more

Accurate tooling variations for each coach type including different bogies and buffers

Sprung metal screw link couplings

Sprung metal buffers

Intricate livery application and printing

Detailed interiors

Prototype Information

BR Mark 1 BG

The brake gangwayed or BG coach (also known as a full brake) is a type of British Railways Mark 1 passenger brake van . It has a guard's compartment in the centre and two large areas either side for storing luggage. They were a very versatile type of coach and could be found all over the British Railways network and some are still in use today - although not in conventional use.

The British Railways Mark 1 BG was shorter than most other types of Mark 1 coach – the BGs being 57 feet (17.37 m) whereas most other designs were 63 feet (19.20 m). This was so the BG could go everywhere unlike their other Mark 1 counterparts which were banned from some station platforms because of their length.

Mk1 BG
Image by Steve Jones

BR Mark 1 GUV

British Rail built a large number of Mk1 General Utility Vans for the purpose of transporting mail and parcels around the network. Later in life, these versatile vans saw conversion for use on Motorail services and for other purposes. A few examples can still be seen dotted around the network and several have also made their way into preservation.

Image by Ray Forster

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