Flash Sale, Iron Mink Vans!

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OO Gauge Iron Mink Wagons

Selected OO gauge GWR V6 Iron Mink wagons are available for a limited time for just £27.95 each!

Available in several liveries including early GWR, BR Grey, GWR Grey and the striking "Salvage" Save for Victory wagon.

Stock is limited, so order now to secure yours!


GWR pioneered the introduction of iron chassis and continued the development to include iron bodies from the late 19th century. The resulted was the Iron Mink.
Over 20,000 of these wagons entered service, lasting until the 1950s.

Rails is continuing to lead the way in innovation for model enthusiasts. We invested huge amounts of skill, time and effort bringing the first model to fruition. This has put us in a strong position to produce further niche products just like this one.

Once again, these models have been researched, designed and produced solely in the UK.

Manufactured using new cutting-edge technologies featuring:

  • A new, ultra high resolution, super strong aeronautical grade PU with a design life exceeding 25 years.

  • A build process using the very latest light technology and is in- finitely flexible for making all variants.

  • Low volume production potential for niche, products previously not capable of being produced economically for RTR.

Rails aim to fill the need for niche products, which simply would not justify a large production run.
They are produced in strictly very limited quantities.


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