From Dapol: Strathclyde Class 156

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From Dapol:
Strathclyde Class 156
A minor livery error has been made on the Strathclyde Class 156 models during the manufacturing process at our Chinese factory.
Dapol is currently in the process of having replacement body shells made, which will be made available free of charge to any modeller that has purchased a Dapol Strathclyde Class 156.
To claim your replacement body shell please send an e-mail with Strathclyde 156 body shell replacement in the subject line to Please include your delivery address details and a copy of your proof of purchase. We will then send you a set of replacement body shells when they arrive (in about 4 months’ time).
We will post a short instructional video on Dapol TV for those modelers that may require some help changing the body shells over.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope the proposed solution will be acceptable to you. Your custom and support is highly valued and we thank each of you for supporting us.
Kind Regards
Team Dapol

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