EXCLUSIVE SECR 6 Wheel Brake Vans

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OO SECR Single Veranda 6 Wheel Brake Vans

Sample photos of one of our EXCLUSIVE SECR Single Veranda 6 Wheel Brake Vans.

Expected to be released Q3 2023.

Pre Order the three versions which also include the two SECR Grey vans below, priced at £39.95 each at the link below:


Other versions:

SECR Single Veranda 6 Wheel Brake Van, SECR Grey No.2025

SECR Single Veranda 6 Wheel Brake Van, SECR Grey No.12067



In 1898 the South Eastern Railway ordered a batch of 20 ton 6 Wheeled Goods Brake Vans. These first 10 vans were outwardly similar to the Midland railway 6 wheel brakes featuring an enclosed body and a veranda on one end with a plat- form on the other.

A further 25 vans were built to this design between 1900 and 1909. During this time the wagons carried SER dark red/brown livery, and SECR lead grey with lettering on the main bodyside. It is known that the SECR did not like to re- paint vehicles if it could be avoided and it is believed the SER livery continued in use well into the SECR era.

From 1910 a further 55 vans were built this time featuring verandas on each end and some minor differences. The original 25 vans were rebuilt in a similar style (except with different ends) when they were due for overhaul after 1910.

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