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DCC Concepts NEW Product Launch Arrives Into Stock!


An Illuminating Little Product...

Building lighting has always been a pain - switches, relays, power supplies resistors, glue... It's enough to send anyone mad! 

If you would rather use a plug-and-play system, the expense of some systems on the market is eye-watering, with a whole raft of different components needed to get things working!

DCC Concepts have a philosophy to simplify things in the hobby - make things better - easier - more reliable.

So DCC Concepts have applied this to building lighting and came up with something that we think is rather special.

You love the Mimic system - it's ability to simplify layout mimic panels is legendary. We recently applied this same technology to our ground signal range - and created simple-to-install signals which change with a simple command! 

So - DCC Concepts thought - why not use Mimic for building lighting? One connection to the bus for power and one control board to turn the lights on and off! This is a HUGE time saver on the layout - not to mention the removal of countless wires, power supplies, resistors, connection blocks and other complications! 

Simple, realistic and reliable!
With Mimic building lighting, you get realistic lighting levels in your buildings with no need for working out resistor values, power supplies or switching - just connect the Mimic board to your DCC bus, plug in the building lights and it's ready to go! 

  • The Lighting Discs are ready-wired and even have a self-adhesive pad so you can just stick them where you need them! You can upgrade any building in minutes! 
  • Each pack contains 24 Lighting Discs - and each lighting disc has a very generous total of 1 metre of wire to connect it to the Mimic board! 
  • Each Mimic board has 24 outputs and supports 12 consecutive DCC accessory addresses. Each output can support 2 Lighting Discs! 

Alpha Mimic Plug & Play Controllable Building Lighting
24 Lighting Discs with a Mimic Control Board 
(DCD-MPLL) Order for £67.95 (RRP £79.95)

Alpha Mimic Add-On Building Lighting Discs + Leads
24 Lighting Discs with No Mimic Control Board
(DCD-MELL) Order for £42.45 (RRP £49.95)

Jenny Kirk has posted a review of the range on YouTube here:


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