Dapol N, OO and O Gauge Releases

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Dapol N, OO and O Gauge Releases


Expected July / August 2022

Expected releases covering the three main gauges, N, OO and O!

N Gauge Releases Expected

OO Gauge Releases Expected

O Gauge Releases Expected

In N Gauge over July and August we are expecting the latest Class 35 Hymek models, four versions due in both DCC Ready and DCC Fitted. The Class 153 Super Sprinters are also expected in Wessex Trains Black/Gold and Arriva Trains. Also the B Set coach packs are expected along with the next iteration A1, A3 and A4 locomotives. Seven different versions coming, again DCC Ready and DCC Fitted.

In OO Gauge is the massive new range of Manor locomotives, seven versions in DCC Ready, Fitted and sound. Plus another new batch of the ever popular HIA Freightliner Limestone. Also finally expected are the Class 59 diesel locomotives, announced back in 2016 these have certainly been a long time coming! Four versions on the way in the usual DCC Ready and DCC Fitted with the DCC Fitted with Smoke versions expected at a later date. A link for these models can be found HERE

Again lots expected in O Gauge with the next batch of Jinty 3F models. Some new Class A and B Anchor Mounted Tanks as well as HBA/HEA Coal Hoppers incoming along with the next batch of Turbot Bogie Ballast Wagons. Also finally expected are the Lionheart Trains manufactured Class 45xx 2-6-2 "Small Prairies", announced way back in 2017 these sure to be worth the wait! And the Streamlined Diesel Railcars are also incoming. Five versions each in DCC Ready, DCC Fitted and DCC Sound variations!


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