Accurascale Announce Further Class 31 in OO!

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Accurascale have today announced additional versions of the Brush Type 2 - Class 30 / 31 in OO Gauge!



Expected Q2 2023, all versions are now available to pre-order here at Rails!
DCC Ready £169.99
DCC Sound £269.99
All available to pre-order with FREE UK postage.
Added versions below:
Accurascale today announces four additional Brush Type 2 locomotives to their launch range, with the new stablemates featuring London Underground trip-cock gear and other detail differences never before seen on a model of these charismatic locomotives.
Four new locomotives featuring these detail differences, never before offered on a high quality, ready-to-run (RTR) model will now join the first run of the Accurascale Class 31 line up, across four new running numbers and liveries.
For peak-hour Monday-Fridays suburban services from Moorgate on the City Widened Lines to Welwyn Garden City and Hertford North, 61 Hornsey, later Finsbury Park and Hitchin, Brush Type 2s were delivered with London Underground trip cock gear, D5586-5615/22-7/39-54/71-9, the major spotting feature being the operating lever on the side of the bufferbeam cowling on the secondman's side.
Six of these, D5671-6, were fitted with Whitaker-style tablet catchers in the early 1960s for use on Highdyke iron ore branch in Lincolnshire and retained their recesses well into the 1980s, long after the equipment had been removed. A further eight of the trip-cock locos were uprated with ETH equipment between 1971-5 for ECS workings out of King's Cross and other London terminals, becoming 31401/2/3-5/7/8/20.

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