WBR5848 BR5841 Woodland Scenics - O Gauge Buildings - Morrison Door Factory

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Product Description

This old factory is great for a layout's industrial park or track spur. Morrison Door Factory has an expertly weathered exterior and roof. The roof has a water tower, smoke stack, transformer, cyclone, piping and more! Other building details include a propane tank, dumpster, signage, and a dock full of shipping crates and dollies. Morrison Door Factory has a printed office interior, window treatments and two interior LEDs. There are also exterior LEDs above the dock and above the side door in the awning. See photos for footprint.

This structure comes with pre-installed LED lighting made for use with the Just Plug® Lighting System.

110mA RoHS Compliant

Colors may vary from actual product.

Kit includes:

  • 2 Cool White Stick-On LEDs
  • 2 Yellow Stick-On LEDs
  • 1 Connecting Cable