Revolution Trains N-IIAD-231A Drax Power IIA-D Biomass Hopper Twin Pack (Renewable Pioneers Drax Livery) - Pack A

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Drax Power IIA-D Biomass Hopper Twin Pack (Renewable Pioneers Drax Livery)

N-IIAD-231A PACK A Contains:

  • 83 70 0698 003-6 Renewable Pioneers design B 'Dam/Turbine'
  • 83 70 0698 050-7 Renewable Pioneers design B 'Dam/Turbine'

**Both wagons feature: One side with image the image of the Dam and the other side with the image of the Turbine. **

The Model

The models feature NEM couplers, highly detailed bodies with a host of separately fitted details including hopper roof door opening rams, control gear and brake equipment


These giant wagons – volumetrically the largest on the network until recently – were introduced in 2013 and a fleet of 225 are now in service ferrying imported biomass to the UK’s largest power station, Drax in North Yorkshire.

Using biomass has allowed Drax, which generates 6% of the UK’s electricity, to reduce emissions by more than 80%.

Unlike coal, biomass has to be kept dry. It’s also much lighter, so far more can be carried per wagon. To maximise efficiency and reduce the risk of wastage Drax ordered specially designed wagons from builders WH Davis of Nottinghamshire.

The revolutionary design has four hoppers – two in the centre and two outside each bogie – and a body profile designed to make maximum use of the British loading gauge. The wagons were originally outshopped with eye-catching Drax power vinyls in two versions (‘A’ and ‘B’) and some have since received ‘Northern Powerhouse’ versions of the scheme.

In use they operate between bulk terminals at the ports of Liverpool, Immingham, Tyne, Redcar and Hull with Class 60 and 66 locomotives in EWS/DB, GBRf and Colas liveries.