L55525 LGB Turnout Decoder, 4 Circuit

  • L55525
  • LGB
  • G Scale
LGB Turnout Decoder, 4 Circuit
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Product Description

Operating commands for up to four LGB solenoid items can be transmitted easily through the track with this turnout decoder.

Current is taken directly from the track thus avoiding long, complicated wiring. This turnout decoder is ideal for controlling turnouts and signals out on an open rail line or on more distant spots on your LGB layout. Features: four command outputs / the mode can be set for each output: normal (for turnouts and signals), synchronous blinking (for lights), asynchronous blinking (for lights), on/off (for lights and accessories) / adjustable switching duration for normal, synchronous, and asynchronous.

Can be used with the CS2 and CS3 as well as MZS III. The formats DCC, mfx, and MM are supported.