Gaugemaster GM698 Precision Masking Tape 18mmx18m (1)

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Product Description

This 18m long, 18mm wide roll of precision masking tape works well with airbrushes and conventional paintbrushes.

The tape features a strong tack, but leaves no residue.

This tape can be ordered in other widths.

This product is one of many tools in the Gaugemaster Tools range.

Product Name
GM696 Precision Masking Tape 6mm x 18m (2)
GM697 Precision Masking Tape 10mm x 18m (2)
GM698 Precision Masking Tape 18mm x 18m (1)
GM596 Flexible Masking Tape 1mm x 18m
GM597 Flexible Masking Tape 6mm x 18m
GM598 Flexible Masking Tape 10mm x 18m


  • LENGTH 18m
  • WIDTH 18mm