Gaugemaster GM476 Quarry Stone Walling 72cm

Quarry Stone Walling 72cm
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Product Description

Stone walls are found in most rural areas and are perfect for keeping livestock in and trespassers out. These walls are perfectly suited to enclosing buildings, fields, properties, gardens and much more.

The walls are injection moulded and are hand coloured for a realistic look and texture. The pack contains multiple parts to allow you to customise the length and design of the final wall. A Razor saw is the ideal way of cutting these walls to the required length.

The quarry stone wall is a means of creating boundaries in a field or garden. The random mixing of the natural stone with mortar creates the unique texture of the quarry stone wall.


  • 4 Wall Sections with Pillars
  • 3 Wall Sections without Pillars
  • 5 Individual Pillars


  • WALL HEIGHT 16mm
  • TOTAL LENGTH 720mm