4F-038-105 Dapol 20T Steel Mineral Cilely No.12 - Weathered

  • 4F-038-105
  • Dapol
  • OO Gauge Scale
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Product Information

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20 ton mineral wagons of a steel riveted construction were used nationally, transporting coal and minerals offering a more efficient and cost effective method of conveyance than had previously been possible with wooden bodied 10 and 12 ton open top wagons.

They came into service in the 1920s and were finally withdrawn in the 1970s. The wagons had two doors per side and an end door.

These model 20 ton steel mineral wagon are highly detailed and will be a great addition to your rolling stock.


  • Profiled wheels
  • Superbly printed livery and details
  • Complete with coal / coking coal load
  • NEM pockets with self-centring couplings
  • Highly detailed body and chassis moulding


  • WIDTH 33mm
  • HEIGHT 36mm