Carrera GO!!! Hot Wheels™ - Bone Shaker™ (Black)

Carrera GO!!! Hot Wheels™ - Bone Shaker™ (Black)
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Product Description

  • Hot Wheels™ - Bone Shaker™ black
  • Carrera GO!!!
  • Original Hot Wheels™ licence
  • 1:43-scale
  • Age 6 years & up

Red-hot racing action

The blacker-than-black Bone Shaker™ features stunning graphics as it races around your home-based Carrera GO!!! circuit. The original Hot Wheels™ car loves to demonstrate its brute speed, so will you dare to try some all-action stunts?

Endless fun and action with Hot Wheels™

The 1:43-scale replica features sophisticated design work in the darkest black, and guarantees thrilling races on your Carrera GO!!! race circuit. Whizz around the bends and whoosh past your opponents on the straights. The original Hot Wheels™ reproduction licence ensures your racing car is impossible to tell apart from the original.