Carrera GO!!! Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé "112"

Carrera GO!!! Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé "112"
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Product Description

  • Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé "112" with indicator light
  • Carrera GO!!!
  • Fire engine as a slot car
  • Scale 1:43
  • From 6 years

Lightning fast to the scene
When help is needed, the fire brigade is on the scene in no time. The Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé takes you to the scene of the accident at speeds of up to 192 mph, because seconds can be decisive. The racing car is powered by a 510 bhp V8 engine. In just 3.6 seconds it accelerates from 0 to 62 mph – rapid assistance is on the way!

Safety on your Carrera race track
The important work of the fire brigade is also indispensable on the local race track. In the event of an accident or fire, the slot car on a scale of 1:43 deploys with rapid speed to bring the situation under control. Thanks to the Mercedes licence, the racing car is a faithful replica of the original and, of course, comes equipped with blue lights. The emergency number "112" is painted on the body. So the other drivers always know without any doubt that you are in action as the fire brigade with your Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé.