Carrera EVOLUTION VW Bus T2b "Porsche Renndienst"

Carrera EVOLUTION VW Bus T2b "Porsche Renndienst"
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Product Description

  • VW Bus T2b ‘Porsche Renndienst’
  • Front & rear lights
  • 1:32-scale
  • Age 8 years & up

On tour with Porsche

The VW T2b ‘Porsche Renndienst’ Bus is a multifunctional race service vehicle for every racing team. This shows how well VW supports the Porsche team around the racing circuit. The VW Kombi is there for the Porsche team wherever they travel and is a loyal companion at every race.

Authentic Porsche team – now complete
At last, the Porsche team is able to operate with a full team around the home-based slot-car racing circuits of the world. The team’s joined on site by the 1:32-scale replica VW Bus T2b ‘Porsche Renndienst’ with the classic team livery. Its fully functional front and rear lights guarantee the team on-track support whenever it's required. The car can be refitted for digital racing with a separate digital decode.