Rapido Trains UK 915006 BR ‘Open AB’ OAA Wagon No. 100029, BR bauxite, Corpach pool lettering

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Rapido Trains unveils all-new ‘OAA’ open wagon

Rapido Trains UK has immortalised BR’s first ‘new generation’ wagon in ‘OO’ gauge, the 45t Open AB open wagon, better known as ‘OAA’. BR undertook much research to produce a new wagon underframe suitable for the 1970s railway, with a 20ft 9in wheelbase underframe, with air brakes and upgraded running gear, would go on to be used on the VBA and VDA vans as well as developments of the OAA, including the OBA and OCA opens. The OAA has the body and underframe detail you’d expect from a Rapido model. But we’re particularly excited about the liveries that we’re planning, with myriad changes to the positions of letters, logos and numbers that you can see on these wagons but we’re also planning to replicate where wagons have received repairs and quick repaints. These range from a new plank to a complete set of doors. On one wagon, nearly the whole body has received a non-standard colour.

Here’s the specification of our ‘OO’ gauge model:

• Highly detailed underframes

• Highly detailed bodies

• NEM coupler pockets

• Sprung buffers