Custom Weathering Service

Our experienced highly skilled experts have refined our custom weathering offering to bring you Rails Advanced Weathering. This will enhance your chosen product to add a more realistic look. Your model is in safe hands with Rails. Our team are model railway enthusiasts and have many years experience.

We will choose the most appropriate style of weathering to suit the individual item. Each product will be custom weathered by hand, meaning each product is slightly unique within the same style.

Advanced weathering price

Our Advanced weathering service cost depends on the product being weathered.

Standard wagons are £7.95

Large wagons or coaches are £11.95

Locomotives are £29.95

Multiple unit locomotives are £49.95

Lead Times

Our aim is to custom weather you product as promptly as possible. Usually this will take no more than 14 days. However at busy times please allow up to 21 days for fitting.

Please note: Certain products are excluded from our weathering service. The service selection will not be available on these products.