🎥 What's New from Bachmann in 2024? Video & Project Updates

Posted by Jack Morgan on

We recently welcomed the team from Bachmann Europe along to our store for a special Takeover Event, showcasing all of their latest project updates, samples and even providing some hands on demonstrations.

Major points of interest included running samples of the all new Bachmann Narrow Gauge NG7 Scale Quarry Hunslets and wagons, working samples of the new Kinesis DCC system as well as a working sample of the new Bachmann Branchline Class 08 demonstrating the revolutionary automatic coupling system.

See all the major news in our video below or scroll down for specific updates on each project.

NG7 Scale Narrow Gauge

This exciting all-new range of O-16.5 Narrow Gauge products has now arrived at Rails of Sheffield and is selling fast! The range comprises of beautifully detailed Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST locomotives, various goods wagons and a selection of Scenecraft buildings - enabling you to accurately recreate a quaint Welsh narrow gauge scene.

These all new models are already proving to be very popular so check them out today to ensure you don't miss out on the first wave of releases.

Visit our NG7 Hub below to get all the information you need on this new range.

OO Class 08 Running Sample

Announced just last month, Bachmann is developing an all new model of the BR Class 08 and Class 09 diesel shunting locomotives in OO gauge. 

Developed from the rails up, these models will feature an entirely new bodyshell, chassis and mechanism with all the latest and greatest features you've come to expect from Bachmann.

One of these revolutionary new features is the innovative automatic coupling system which utilises a DCC operable magnet to uncouple or couple the locomotive to your rolling stock for hands free operation.

Bachmann demonstrated a working sample of this at our open day and it's fair to say that it works very well indeed!

Full details on specs, liveries and pricing will be revealed for the Class 08s in Bachmann's Autumn 2024 announcements in August.

Kinesis DCC System

'Kinesis' is the next evolution in digital control from Bachmann! Due for release later in 2024, the pack includes a base station and a wireless controller (which doesn't require line of sight to your layout - allowing you to operate it from wherever you like!)

A key feature of this new system is the ability to program your own basic commands and routines into your rolling stock - providing you the ability to set up various automations such as running a shuttle system.

Other features include the ability to control and programme your DCC system from your computer as well as the ability to operate you layout from an Android or iOS mobile device too.

Kinesis DCC Controller
Watch our video above for a full demonstation of how the system works!

New Product Samples

Bachmann Branchline logo

LMS Fowler 3F 'Jinty' 0-6-0T

Three new variations of the perennial 'Jinty' model are due to arrive in stock between July and August 2024. Including this classic LMS black locomotive as well as two BR black liveried examples.

These models will now be available with digital sound for the first time ever.

Standard: £114.70
DCC Sound: £208.20

Bachmann Jinty
32-227C - 16564 in LMS black

Class 03

Four new variations of Bachmann's popular Class 03 shunter are to be released in the next couple of months - with BR green, BR blue and British Industrial Sand liveries available to pre-order.

These models will now be available with digital sound for the first time ever.

Standard: from £127.45
DCC Sound: from £220.95

Bachmann Class 03
31-362B - 03056 in BR blue

Class 08/ 09

As mentioned above, Bachmann's recently announced new tooling Class 08s and Class 09s will be fully announced as part of the Autumn 2024 model railway announcements in August.

Stay tuned to our website for more on these soon!

Pricing TBC

Bachmann Class 08
31-362B - 03056 in BR blue

Class 25

Another new tooling on the way from Bachmann, is the all new range of Class 25/1, 25/2 and 25/3 diesel locomotives.

Currently expected between August and September are a myriad of different models in various BR green and BR blue colour schemes.

Standard: from £169.95
DCC Sound: from £263.45
Deluxe DCC Sound: from £288.95

Bachmann Class 03
32-355 - 25085 in BR blue

Class 30/ 31

Also joining the diesel stable from Bachmann Branchline are a huge range of newly tooled BR Class 30 and Class 31 locomotives.

A wide selection of models are expected during July/ August 2024 catering for BR green, BR blue, Railfreight and Mainline liveries.

Standard: £169.95
DCC Sound: £263.45
Deluxe DCC Sound: £305.95

Bachmann Class 03
35-801A - D5617 in BR green with late crest

Class 69

Moving forward to something a little more modern - Bachmann have also revealed engineering samples for their new range of Class 69 locomotives.

Four different models are expected in 2025 catering for various GB Railfreight colour schemes.

Pricing TBC

Bachmann Class 03
Early engineering samples

BR Palvans

Expected to arrive in stock at the